Solo Controls :
  • Click / Touch screen
  • Space, Shift, J

  • VS. Controls :
    [ Player 1 ]
  • Click / Touch left side
  • [ Player 2 ]
  • Click / Touch right side
  • Spacebar, Shift, J

  • Keyboard Shorcuts :
  • Restart
  • M
  • Toggle Music
  • S
  • Toggle Sound Effects
  • Welcome to the wonderful FLAPPY WORLD!

    This is a more than just a remake - this is an all new flappy bird experience.
    Flappy World is unmatched in the league of Flappy Bird games as it has been completely rebuilt to include an array of playable characters, new stages, and new game modes including multiplayer support.

    New characters include Nyan Cat, Kirby, Mario & Yoshi, Flappy Prime Minister Harper, and more!
    This is the only flappy bird game supporting local 2 player support on both mobile devices and PC browsers. It is written in HTML5 and javascript so it runs inside your web browser without any downloads or additional software required.
    It runs natively on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch . Just go to flappy-world.com in your web browser to enjoy an ad-free flappy experience.
    Make no mistake - This is no clone. Even the "Classic" flappy bird gameplay supports multiplayer and additional options that were missing from the original version.
    Flappy bird to hard? too easy? Flappy world has adjustable difficulty settings to accommodate beginners and advanced players. You can set it to "easy" so your kids can play or make the game outright un-playably difficult if you choose.
    You can watch the Flappy World demo video on YouTube by clicking here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K35pu08X1lc .
    Flappy bird is back! Flappy World is the newest Flappy bird game featuring multiplayer support, new characters, and loads of other new content. Play it in your browser now at flappy-world.com
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